How VIAS3D achieved peace of mind by securing flexible remote working

VIAS3D x NordLayer case study

VIAS3D stands as a pioneering force in the software sales and support field. It offers comprehensive simulation solutions across various industries, such as aerospace, defense, oil and gas, electromagnetic manufacturing, and more. 

Profile of VIAS3D

Since its start in 2015, the company has grown from a small team of five to a global workforce of 250 employees spread across seven countries. 

VIAS3D prides itself on tackling the toughest problems for its clients, ranging from design and part manufacturing simulations to optimizing assembly line efficiency through advanced software solutions like Delmia and Abaqus.

While working on solutions for its clients, VIAS3D must find the right tools for its own network security. The company’s IT manager, Robert Brazzell, shares their journey of enabling the team to feel secure while out of the office and protect the network using NordLayer.

The challenge

Tackling unsecure connections in the face of remote work

Key pain points

With adopting a fully remote work policy triggered by the pandemic, VIAS3D faced new challenges. Specifically, the company struggled with maintaining secure and reliable connections for its globally dispersed team.

“Before, we really didn't need a VPN when everybody was staying at the same IP address all the time. But once people felt more comfortable traveling, we noticed increasing vulnerabilities. We needed to create security through obscurity.”

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As employees embraced the flexibility of remote work, moving from static office environments to dynamic remote settings, the company noticed an increase in unreliable connections and security vulnerabilities. This was particularly noticeable when employees accessed the network from public Wi-Fi networks during travel or work from cafes and parks.

“With a fairly lax hybrid model, we wanted that extra layer of security anytime employees were working someplace a little bit more pleasant than their home office.”

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This new way of working required a robust solution to ensure data security and connectivity reliability, essential for sustaining the company's operations and client service delivery.

The solution

Building safety via credibility and flexibility

Main criteria choosing the solution

To address the challenges, VIAS3D opted for NordLayer, drawn by its strong reputation for secure network access and superior connectivity speed. 

“We already knew NordLayer was about the industry standard, and a quick glance shows you that it has the fastest connectivity, which is very important. So any other outliers that we assessed were almost non-contenders.”

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The selection process was straightforward, given NordLayer's industry-standard status and the company's prior positive experience with NordVPN. 

“We were using NordVPN selectively about a year before getting NordLayer, which heavily influenced our hand in adopting the solution company-wide.”

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The implementation of NordLayer was seamless. It was facilitated by its compatibility with then-Azure AD (now Entra ID), which allowed for easy distribution and self-adoption among employees. 

“We pushed NordLayer out through Azure AD—everybody got an email and got excited about the new toy. It pretty much was a system of self-adoption”

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This move was not just about adopting a new tool—it was a strategic decision to empower the remote workforce with a secure and efficient working environment.

Why choose NordLayer

NordLayer was selected for its comprehensive security features, ease of implementation, and exceptional support. The platform's fast connectivity was a key factor, ensuring that remote employees could work efficiently without sacrificing security. 

How NordLayer covers the performance and security needs of remote teams

it managers users

Furthermore, NordLayer's reputation for reliability and the positive experience with NordVPN, which was previously used by the company, cemented its choice as the optimal cybersecurity solution.

The outcome

Secured connections and peace of mind

The benefits of implementing NordLayer

The integration of NordLayer into vias3ds' operations has significantly bolstered the company's cybersecurity posture, allowing IT managers like Robert to sleep better at night, knowing their employees are protected regardless of their location. 

While the integration of NordLayer didn’t directly lead to process efficiencies or significant time savings, the value it added in terms of securing remote connections was immense. 

“It’s just textbook security through obscurity. It makes me feel a lot better when I hear about them connecting to a public network in an airport, knowing that NordLayer is there to protect them.”

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IT managers and employees alike now enjoy peace of mind, knowing they are protected regardless of where they choose to work.

This outcome underscores the importance of proactive cybersecurity measures in today's remote and flexible working environments. It ensures businesses can operate securely and without interruption.

Top cybersecurity tips

Robert emphasizes the importance of constant vigilance, open communication, and a discerning eye as crucial to maintaining cybersecurity.

Pro cybersecurity tips

For VIAS3D, adopting NordLayer was not just about implementing a VPN solution but about creating a secure and efficient working environment for a global team embracing the new normal of remote work. 

Through this partnership, VIAS3D has not only enhanced its cybersecurity framework but also reinforced its commitment to providing its team with the tools they need to succeed in a flexible and secure manner. 

This case study demonstrates the importance of selecting the right cybersecurity solutions to meet the unique challenges of today's dynamic work environments, ensuring that companies like VIAS3D can continue to innovate and lead in their respective industries.

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