Top cybersecurity conferences to attend in 2024

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Love networking or find it challenging? Either way, certain conferences are too good to miss. They're not just about mingling but also about learning from the best security professionals. Think RSA Conference or Gartner Security Risk Management Summit for networking and the latest in cybersecurity. For a real-world feel of cyber threats, DEF CON is a must-attend event. 

We've handpicked a list of global events that stand out. NordLayer will be at some of these in 2024, eager to connect and grow.

  1. RSA Conference (Join us there!)

  2. Black Hat USA

  3. DEF CON

  4. Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

  5. SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit & Training

  6. Infosecurity Europe (Let's meet there)

  7. Pax8 Beyond

  8. AWS re: Inforce

  9. IT Nation Connect

  10. UK Cyber Week

Let's explore unique aspects, 2023 highlights, and the locations of each conference to help you decide which one to attend.

RSA Conference

Top 2024 conferences RSA conference


The RSA Conference in San Francisco hosts over 40,000 attendees each year. It stands out for its networking and deep dives into cybersecurity topics. Attendees engage in discussions ranging from AI to cloud security and listen to panels featuring industry leaders.

At the RSA Conference, 44% of the participants are top executives: the event is really important as a venue for influential decision-makers.

The event also attracts a global audience, with 20% of visitors coming from outside the US.

The 2023 event, quite predictably, focused on AI and its role in cybersecurity. Overall, the conference regularly introduces new studies and tech innovations to improve security effectiveness. 

  • For the 2024 event, find NordLayer at booth number 5165 in the North Hall.

Black Hat USA

Top 2024 conferences Black Hat


Black Hat USA 2024 will take place in the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas for six days.

The event starts with four days of specialized cybersecurity training for various skill levels. The main conference offers over 100 briefings, tool demonstrations, and a Business Hall for networking.

Black Hat stands out for its expert-led training sessions that focus on practical skill development in offensive and defensive cybersecurity.

In 2023, Jeff Moss, the founder of Black Hat and DEF CON, launched the AI Cyber Challenge. This two-year contest focuses on AI and cybersecurity innovation for developing new security tools. The semifinals will take place at Black Hat 2024, where the top 5 teams will win $2 million each. Finals will take place in 2025.

Last year, the conference also launched the Black Hat Certified Pentester program. It's a practical exam that allows professionals to test their pentesting skills—a key advancement in cybersecurity training.

To help you better understand Black Hat USA and decide if you should visit it, here are some highlights from the 2023 event.


Top 2024 conferences Def Con


DEF CON in Las Vegas, started in 1993, is one of the oldest and largest cybercriminal conventions. Initially a gathering for cybercriminal network members, it now draws 25–30k attendees, including threat actors and very reputable companies.

In 2023, DEF CON put a strong emphasis on AI cybersecurity. For instance, the event hosted the Generative Red Team Challenge to uncover weaknesses in AI models, including ChatGPT.

Backed by the White House, this event provided practical experience for many, including students. Major tech firms such as Google, Meta, and NVIDIA also contributed. The challenge supported broader efforts like the AI Bill of Rights that promote informed and safe AI applications.

Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit

Top 2024 conferences Gartner Summit


The Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit in National Harbor, MD, draws over 2,400 CISOs and cybersecurity executives. It features roundtable discussions, peer conversations, and case studies for meaningful engagement and networking.

In 2023, the summit offered more than 150 sessions based on Gartner's latest research. Topics included cybersecurity leadership, risk management, infrastructure security, and data protection.

This cybersecurity summit is vital for security and risk leaders seeking to understand evolving challenges.

SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit & Training 

Top 2024 conferences SANS


The SANS Cyber Threat Intelligence Summit & Training caters to all levels of cyber threat intelligence. It provides practical education and new viewpoints, welcoming both beginners and experts.

Sessions include detailed talks on cybersecurity tools and strategies with real-life examples, expert panels where professionals discuss and debate key topics, and practical workshops for hands-on experience with real scenarios. Finally, there are sharing forums to promote idea exchanges and peer learning.

Overall, the learning experience is quite comprehensive, so the event is a meeting place for thousands from around the world.

Infosecurity Europe

Top 2024 conferences Infosecurity


Infosecurity Europe in London gathers over 13k information security professionals, from engineers to innovators. It's an essential event for staying informed about cybersecurity.

The conference features over 380 exhibits and more than 200 hours of talks by industry leaders. Attendees can learn a lot and earn over 90 hours of CPE credits for professional development.

  • In 2024, visit NordLayer at booth G45!

Pax8 Beyond

Top 2024 conferences PAX8


The event, obviously hosted by Pax8, offers three days of sessions with security and risk leaders. It caters to MSP business owners, service managers, engineers, and security experts. It also focuses on the future of cloud-based businesses and channels.

The 2023 conference highlighted cybersecurity and threat management, business growth, and cybersecurity leadership development. Attendees can explore future trends and solidify their roles in the changing cybersecurity industry landscape.

AWS re:Inforce

Top 2024 conferences AWS


AWS re:Inforce in Philadelphia centers on cloud security, identity, and compliance. It draws over 50k people: the event is quite crucial for cloud tech professionals. The attendees range from industry experts to smaller companies focused on cloud security.

At AWS re:Inforce 2023, AWS Chief Information Security Officer CJ Moses led discussions on crucial cloud security topics. The event covered Zero Trust architectures, comprehensive security, and adapting to global regulations using AWS.

Key highlights were AWS's security advancements, such as the AWS Nitro system and Firecracker, enhancing security for serverless and container-based applications. AWS demonstrated its dedication to security by showcasing advanced technologies and measures for global security enhancement.

IT Nation Connect 

Top 2024 conferences IT Nation Connect


IT Nation Connect caters to solution providers, IT professionals, and ConnectWise users. It's a source of key insights for improving business operations. This important conference offers various sessions for learning, networking opportunities, and collaboration.

Open to all in the industry, IT Nation Connect helps business leaders and managers with sessions on trends and leadership. It hosts major networking events like a welcome reception and a closing party, along with many smaller networking chances.

IT Nation Connect 2023 attendees noted a lower turnout than in previous years. Despite this, the event maintained high quality, with well-organized sessions and ample space for detailed discussions.

The focus was on practical solutions and tools relevant to the IT industry. Discussions about new technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) stood out, reflecting a shift towards more advanced and efficient industry operations.

UK Cyber Week

Top 2024 conferences UK Cyber Week


UK Cyber Week 2024 in London brings together the cybersecurity and business sectors. The event focuses on collaboration, knowledge sharing, and expert guidance to combat cyber threats.

Hosting more than 70 exhibitors and 3000+ professionals, UK Cyber Week is crucial for fighting cybercrime in UK businesses. This free event features over 75 seminars and insights from over 100 speakers, attracting diverse attendees committed to enhancing UK cybersecurity.

How to network at cybersecurity conferences

Nervous about rubbing elbows? Don't worry, here's a concise roadmap from Tyler Wagner's 'Conference Crushing' for successful mingling:

  • Know yourself. Start by defining your role and goals. This clarity guides your interactions.

  • Do your homework. Look up the event and who's going. You'll know whom to seek out.

  • Stay engaged. Pay attention to discussions: that builds respect and connections.

  • Step beyond. Push past your usual limits. New contacts could mean new paths.

  • Get involved. Dive into the activities. The more you do, the more you benefit.

  • Lay groundwork. Early chats could lead to lasting professional friendships.

  • Note it down. Write key points from the talks. You'll remember them longer.

  • Keep in touch. Reach out after the event. 

  • Cultivate connections. Keep up with your contacts. A strong network supports your career.

Strategic approach for optimal conference participation

For smart conference planning, focus is essential.

Ever heard the phrase 'less is more'? That applies to choosing conferences. It's tempting to fill your calendar, but selecting fewer relevant conferences can be more beneficial. This focus allows for deeper involvement and enriches your learning and networking.

Now: early birds. Registering early for conferences isn't just about saving money, although that's a big plus. Early planning leads to better travel deals and more prep time, letting you easily approach the conference and get the most out of it.

Finally, after the conference ends, the real work begins. Reflect on what you've learned and how it applies to your job. Don't forget to follow up with new contacts. This ensures the conference benefits you long after it's finished.


It's clear that cybersecurity conferences are more than mere meetings; they're where growth happens. These events are perfect for deepening your cybersecurity knowledge and broadening your professional network.

These conferences will shape the future of cybersecurity, uniting industry leaders and experts under one roof.

NordLayer is looking forward to connecting with you! Come see us at booth 5165 at the RSA Conference and booth G45 at Infosecurity Europe.

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