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Transition to SASE

With the traditional network perimeter dissolving, implementing an architecture that combines both SD-WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functionality is a challenge many IT professionals face as they move away from traditional legacy solutions.

NordLayer can help your organization transition to SASE by introducing some key security capabilities:

  • SaaS security

  • Threat prevention

  • Secure remote access

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User implements NordLayer's SASE solution to secure company network

Implement Zero Trust

A large number of organizations adopting Zero Trust have accelerated their efforts as a result of the global pandemic. Primary knock-on effects include a steep rise in remote work, insider threats, and the necessity to mitigate third-party and cloud management risks.

NordLayer can help you build a Zero Trust security model with:

  • Identity & access management

  • Network segmentation

  • Network access control

  • Network security

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User implements NordLayer's Zero Trust security model to secure business network

Regulatory compliance

Many businesses have a mandatory obligation to ensure their data protection and cybersecurity standards are in line with industry rules and regulations — giving them the best possible chance to avoid losing critical data.

NordLayer contributes to your business cybersecurity setup, which can be beneficial when pursuing compliance standards like:


  • GDPR

  • ISO 27001


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Hybrid work security

With a huge worldwide rise in remote work here to stay, businesses are having to adapt to an ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape — changes in the way we staff organizations and the vulnerability of employees working from anywhere can have a dramatic impact on a business’s finances and reputation if not managed effectively.

NordLayer has the capability to:

  • Protect companies operating BYOD policies

  • Meet scaling challenges head-on through ease of license transfer

  • Integrate seamlessly with various O/S and multi-cloud resources

  • Provide secure access management

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User securely connects with NordLayer to corporate network while working remotely

Providing multi-layered security

Control panel
Centralized settings
Dedicated IP
Single sign-on
NordLynx (WireGuard)


Network access security made simple

Easy to Start

Complex, time-consuming, or costly to initiate security solutions are a burden on company resources. We’ve designed NordLayer with this in mind, ensuring you can set up quickly and easily — whether you’re transitioning between solutions or starting over.

Quick and easy to procure, download and set up

You can begin using the NordLayer service in less than 10 minutes.

Hardware-free and ready to deploy immediately

No unnecessary admin resources required for building additional infrastructure.

Significantly reduce overall rollout & maintenance

Support ensure a smooth onboarding and minimal upkeep, whatever your skill level.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all businesses — compatible with various cloud services, you can easily integrate our secure network access solution with your current operating systems, infrastructure, and applications.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes

Choose a plan unique to your business requirements and depending on your rate of growth.

Compatible with multiple cloud services

Integrate seamlessly with your current suite of applications and resources without disruption to your workforce.

Simple integration with your current infrastructure

Hardware-free and compatible with all major operating systems.

Today’s agile companies fluctuate and grow at varying rates, which is why we give them the means to scale at their own pace. Whether you’re tackling ad-hoc needs or securing your distributed workforce, you can scale our solution based on your own business requirements.

Add or transfer user licenses effortlessly

Choose a plan unique to your business requirements and depending on your rate of growth.

Manage everything in one place

Our intuitive apps and centralized Control Panel allow for easy user management and no additional training requirements.

Enforce NordLayer capabilities centrally

Ensure the entire workforce is using predetermined security features.

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Secure your business network with NordLayer

Security & Compliance

Your security is our priority

The protection and security of our client’s remote workforces and business data is fundamental to everything we do at NordLayer. Our information security management systems are certified according to ISO 27001 and support powerful AES-256 military-grade encryption. Our information security policies and procedures follow the SOC 2 Type I compliance requirements. As part of Nord Security, it’s in our DNA to ensure compliance and data security best practices are in place at all times.

ISO badge
SOC Type I Badge
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Technology with businesses in mind

User management in NordLayer's control panel

Intuitive Control Panel offering ease of use & license management

Set NordLayer up in tandem with your current infrastructure, and add or transfer licenses to scale your business at your own pace. Your admins can manage everything easily from our centralized Control Panel.

Hardware-free SaaS solution, with no fixed contracts

NordLayer is totally hardware-free, meaning you can start using our secure network access solution within minutes. Whichever plan you choose, there are no contracts or long-term commitments — we adapt to your business requirements.

Happy NordLayer's client
NordLayer's support team

Tech-minded support

Our 24/7 tech-minded support team offers rapid response times — wherever you are in the world. Reach out to us via our live chat service and we’ll get back to you in an average time of under 1 minute.

Integrates with major network equipment and endpoints

How NordLayer works

Multiple layers of network security

Device & NordLayer App

Use a safe authentication method to log on to your device. Open NordLayer app, and use secure logins to access it and set up multi-factor authentication (2FA, SSO).

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Need assistance?

Explore our Help Centre for any technical questions you may have concerning the implementation and deployment of NordLayer — as well as any assistance required for any troubleshooting.

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Fastest support of any service or vendor I've used. They're always there, just a click away in their website instant chat, and the support folks are knowledgeable and resolve queries quickly.

- Paul H

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Simple to install and operate, no funny business, and so fast that our teams don't notice they are using it.

- Chris

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We were looking for an easy way to securely connect our remote workforce to our infrastructure. This is it. Awesomely quick, friendly, and efficient support. Got us up and running in no time.

- Ludovic

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