Zero Trust security solutions

With NordLayer, you can protect your hybrid and multi-cloud environments with Zero Trust solutions that are modular, scalable, and easy to integrate.

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Zero Trust made simples

Zero Trust overview

A Zero Trust approach lives by the ‘trust-none, verify all’ mantra — ensuring every user, device, and connection is authenticated ahead of being granted access to your business network and its most valuable assets and sensitive data.

NordLayer’s Zero-Trust security scheme

Why Zero Trust?

Modern businesses need a security model that provides services that can adapt to the complexity of the evolving workplace environment — embracing the hybrid workforce and protecting a company’s staff, data, and commercial bottom line.

easy to scale
Enhanced security

NordLayer provides you with the services to heighten your business security effectively and minimize the attack surface — for cloud environments or implementing network segmentation.

Risk mitigation & compliance

Bridge security gaps, minimize lateral movement and ensure you’re meeting industry requirements. NordLayer’s ISMS is aligned with international data management standards.

Work worldwide

Enable your remote users to work more securely from anywhere, anytime — and on multiple devices. No office — no problem!

Protect your business

Align Zero Trust implementation with your business goals

A Zero Trust approach provides protection from numerous cyberthreats, whilst offering admins an array of customizable options to secure their network. Implement Zero Trust and tackle key security challenges head-on.

Secure users access with IAM & Zero-Trust

Identity & access management

Ensure users accessing your network and devices are verified with such tools as SSO, biometrics, 2FA, and user provisioning.

Implement Network Access Control with Zero-Trust

Network access control

Set access permissions and security policies for users, devices, and apps to ensure only authorized staff can access sensitive and confidential data.

Segment your organization network with Zero-Trust

Network segmentation

With NordLayer, you can create a security strategy that ensures there are multiple checkpoints and Zero Trust policies when it comes to network access identification and authentication.

Protect organization network with Zero-Trust

Network security

Protect your network from breaches, intrusions and other threats to your business data with powerful encryption and bespoke tools to combat multiple types of cyberattacks.


Start your Zero Trust journey here

If you’d like to get started with Zero Trust, NordLayer has a suite of options to help you level-up your security, whether you have a specific business requirement in mind or you’re looking to reinforce your current infrastructure.


Provide an additional layer of protection on your device by setting up multi-factor authentication to log in to NordLayer.


Single sign-on allows you to use one set of security credentials to access your multiple cloud applications.

Biometric authentication

Set an additional layer of security through face recognition and fingerprint scanning.

User provisioning

In addition to creating user identities in cloud apps, automatic provisioning also includes the maintenance and removal of such user identities as status or role changes.

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Protect your business with NordLayer

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Security across your business

In alignment with Zero Trust, NordLayer provides security at every level of the hybrid cloud environment in order to accelerate innovation and securely build, modernize, or migrate mission-critical workloads.

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Zero Trust security is a modern approach to network security, designed to address shortcomings of legacy networks by transitioning to a model based on the principle of “trust none, verify all.”
In today’s world, workforces are more agile and distributed. Perimeter security is becoming more blurred and as corporate networks become more complex, legacy security models are becoming less effective. The modern enterprise network spans multiple environments, including on-premise, cloud-based, and remote resources. Protecting these environments against cyberattacks requires the deep visibility and granular protection that Zero Trust provides.