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Dynamic network access control for scaling companies

Integrate NordLayer with your company network and get secure access control to your cloud environment — meet any business requirement, large-scale or ad-hoc.

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How NordLayer meets these challenges for your business

Seamless integration

Bolstering your current security setup is easier than you might think. Compatible with various cloud services, you can effortlessly implement our access control functionality alongside existing security solutions, whatever your skill level. Create an additional layer of protection for your major cloud applications, utilizing our managed infrastructure — providing high levels of performance and support to businesses worldwide.

Adaptable to evolving demands

Finding network access control that’s agile enough to cope with changing business requirements can be a challenge — for ad-hoc security needs or significant business growth. Our flexible solutions are designed to protect you at every step. Transfer or add licenses for new employees, create new teams, and add private gateways to set permissions for whole clusters of employees at once.

Tech-minded support

Adopting a new security solution can typically be demanding on time and resources. Our 24-hour support team is on hand to help you create a bespoke IP allowlisting (whitelisting) solution, or to assist you on any technical questions you may have. Our intuitive management system is made simple to manage for employees of all abilities, and is quick to deploy across your network for new and existing admins.

NordLayer integration with Google, Azure, Jira

Get secure access to your cloud today

Secure access to cloud apps has never been simpler

Concerned about the level of access entire teams have to your company network during cross-departmental projects?

Our network access control functionality allows employees to reach data or cloud applications on a ‘need to know basis’ — they can access what’s needed to fulfill their roles and nothing more, ensuring business-critical information is in the right hands.

Think of NordLayer IP allowlisting (whitelisting) as your new gatekeeper to the company network. It reduces the surface area for cyber attacks and granulates access to pre-approved resources.

Find out more about IP allowlisting (whitelisting) and how it can give your organization peace of mind in our dedicated blog post.

NordLayer secure access to cloud scheme

Why your business needs NordLayer today

All of our advanced solutions adhere to the zero-trust framework with adaptability in mind, helping you to easily transition from a network-based model to a modern-day application and user-based model.

Discover how our zero-trust approach works to keep your network secure:

NordLayer is the optimal choice for network security — whatever your industry:

Software Developers

Network access control for Software Developers

For software developers or IT professionals, our solution is:


Adaptable to existing infrastructure and easily deployable for IT admins

Easy to use

Economical without a manual setup — quick to start and simple to use


Effective in providing ad-hoc protection to contracted workers


Most suitable for securing undeveloped software and staging environments

Cloud apps

The added layer of security for APIs and SaaS applications on the cloud

Read our blog below for more information on how our access control solution works for IT and software developers.


Network access control for Marketing

For marketing professionals, we:


Scale network security to your growing or changing teams

Control Panel

Make managing access permissions simple via our easy-to-use Control Panel console


Offer versatile access control for your most used applications such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or WordPress

Read our blog below for more information on how the NordLayer IP allowlisting (whitelisting) works for marketing.

Retail & eCommerce

Network access control for Retail & eCommerce

With NordLayer, Retail & eCommerce businesses can:

Network Protection

Ensure remote or contracted workers aren’t compromising the network


Seamlessly integrate with their cloud service provider and other security solutions


Protect fluctuating workforces and teams by quickly adding new IPs to their own allowlist (whitelist)


Keep costs low when it comes to security — no additional hardware or infrastructure is required

Read our blog below for more information on how NordLayer IP allowlisting (whitelisting) works for retail & eCommerce.

Finance, Law, & Consulting

Network access control for Finance, Law, & Consulting

Our solution:


Scale network security to your growing or changing teams

Network Protection

Ensures remote or contracted workers aren’t compromising the network


Monitor and control network activity across your network

Data Protection

Ensures the network is data protection compliant

Read our blog below for more information on how secure network access works for finance, law and consulting.

Get secure access to your cloud today

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Allowlisting (whitelisting) Cloud tools is hassle-free with NordLayer

Access control may sound like a complicated thing to get started with, but in fact, it takes less than a few minutes to implement, and anybody can use it. We’ve put together these helpful guides for some of the most popular cloud apps you can protect through IP allowlisting (whitelisting) — check them out below.

NordLayer integration with Amazon web Services

Amazon Web Services

NordLayer integration with Microsoft Azure Portal

Microsoft Azure Portal

NordLayer integration with Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform

NordLayer integration with Salesforce


Get secure access to your cloud today