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What is Network Access Control (NAC)?

NAC comprises a series of security solutions that expand network visibility and access management via device and user policies. The purpose of NAC is to protect all reaches of corporate networks.

Network Access Control scheme
Network access control scheme
Network access control scheme


Why is NAC important for business?

Improved security

Network Access Control solutions authenticate all users as and when they access the network, giving admins insight into all devices in use across your organization and monitoring overall activity. Should any unauthorized user attempt to gain access or suspicious activity be detected, you can take immediate action and reduce the threat of cyberattack or malware infiltration.

Increased visibility

Keeping track of all users and endpoints in your organization is key for several cybersecurity reasons — authorized, which have restricted access, and the devices that are due to be replaced. NAC provides visibility features to form a real-time inventory of users and endpoints throughout your business.

Regulatory compliance

NAC solutions are more than just methods of mitigating security risks. They achieve this effectively, but selecting the best ones for your business can aid your organization in meeting compliance standards. NordLayer NAC solutions introduce controls for compliance under regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, and PCI-DSS.


Protect your organization with NordLayer NAC solutions

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Secure access for contractors

NordLayer solutions enable remote workers or contractors to conduct their responsibilities effectively with BYOD policies by extending the same secure protection to their own devices.

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Internet of Things (IoT) security

Many IoT and mobile devices do not use the same security policies as others. NordLayer helps with secure access to all IoT devices with Zero Trust and Secure Remote Access solutions.

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Network access for non-employees

NordLayer’s IAM solutions provide authorized resource access and protection for trusted outside users such as non-employers and third-party companies or vendors.

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NAC capabilities & NordLayer

NordLayer’s NAC solutions help mitigate risk and provide greater access control and visibility to corporate networks.

Limit network access

Protect specific areas of the company network by creating teams, assigning trusted users to them, and regulating team-based permissions.

Use IP allowlisting to guard against internal employees and external users gaining access to confidential information or assets.

Use Jailbroken device detection to deny network access from devices that do not comply with business security policies.

Create private gateways for multiple working scenarios and secure them by implementing multi-factor authentication and biometrics.

NordLayer can integrate with other security solutions - like Azure AD - through group and user provisioning.


Build your own NAC solution with our features

Our NAC features can help your IT admins build comprehensive access policies ideally suited to your organization.



Biometric authentication

Dedicated IP

Network segmentation

Smart Remote Access

Jailbroken device detection

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Protect your business with NordLayer

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Frequently asked questions

Businesses should adopt an NAC solution to safeguard themselves against potential attacks from malicious users and infiltration from rogue agents and malware. NAC solutions assist in flagging any unauthorized access attempts or perimeter breaches so admins can deal with them immediately.

Several facets of Network Access Control admins can implement across the business infrastructure. The most effective way to adopt NAC is through a comprehensive network security solution that encompasses features that directly contribute to access control.

NAC helps mitigate the risk of unauthorized access to the network, which could lead to data theft or leak and provide greater visibility for admins to monitor activity. Understanding who is accessing the corporate network is key to protecting vital assets, data, and resources from being in the wrong hands.

There are generally two main strands of NAC, which are both key to fundamental network security:

Pre-admission: Upon receiving a request from a user or device to access the network, pre-admission NAC assesses the attempt and grants entry based on proof of compliance with the network’s security policies — usually through authentication methods like 2FA or biometrics.

Post-admission: If the user or device attempts to access another network area from within, post-admission NAC can restrict movement before further authentication to limit damage from a cyberattack.

NordLayer is an adaptive network security solution that comprises pre-admission and post-admission features, designed to ensure only authorized users and endpoints can access specific areas of the business network.