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Unlock the benefits of a Dedicated IP

With NordLayer, businesses can use a dedicated IP to enable network access control functionality. Set user access permissions and segment your network to ensure key resources are off-limits to those who don’t need them. Want your own dedicated IP?

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What is a Dedicated IP & why use one?

A dedicated IP (Internet Protocol) address is a unique digital identifier that can be assigned to users via the NordLayer Control Panel — negating the option of them being designated a shared IP from the same server. Dedicated IPs can be used to verify permitted users to access a company network — each user will have their company’s unique IP address ahead of further authentication with the likes of 2FA and SSO.

Through our dedicated server option, you can set up private gateways so that all traffic in and out of your network will be sent via the same IP address — no matter which ISP or mobile service you use.

Dedicated IP ensures you can:

Control network access permissions

Prevent unauthorized network access via IP allowlisting

Teams can quickly access business data from anywhere

Differing IP types

Dedicated IP vs Shared IP

Dedicated IP

(Fixed IP)

A dedicated IP is an IP address that is only used by one person or organization via a dedicated server and a private gateway to the internet — also known as a static or fixed IP, it doesn’t change, which means identification is made easy.

  • With a dedicated server, NordLayer can assign a static IP address that only you can use.
  • This IP address will be different than your actual local IP address, so you’ll be protected along with your online services.
  • All your data traffic will be sent through the dedicated server without losing any control of your digital privacy.
  • No one else can use your company’s dedicated IP.

Shared IP

(Dynamic IP)

The majority of the time when you connect to a VPN server, you share that IP address with many other users. You select a server location and are assigned an IP. This shared IP address is also used by many other VPN service users that select the same VPN server location.

  • This means the data traffic of other VPN users is being sent through the same VPN server.
  • Also known as Dynamic IPs, a shared IP address can change. This isn’t the case with a dedicated IP.

Ip comparison

Here’s a short breakdown of what a Dedicated IP offers

Dedicated IP
Fixed IP
  • Utilizes the same technology

  • Specific to a user or business via a dedicated server & private gateway

  • IP address is fixed at all times and remains unchanged

  • All traffic through the IP address will be for you and your business only

Shared IP
Dynamic IP
  • Utilizes the same technology

  • Specific to a user or business via a dedicated server & private gateway

  • IP address is fixed at all times and remains unchanged

  • All traffic through the IP address will be for you and your business only

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Learn more about Dedicated IP — contact our techminded sales team

Getting started

Remote network access

With a NordLayer dedicated server, you’ll be able to quickly and easily gain access to company networks securely. This means that no matter if your business teams are working from home, the office, or on the other side of the world, they can enjoy the same secure and high-performance access to the resources they need.

With a fixed IP — you can create allowlists and identify your company users from others, whichever network they’re on and location they’re in.

Remote network access
Setup dedicated ip

Choose a plan

Set up Dedicated IP

To get started, you’ll need a dedicated server with the NordLayer Advanced plan, which will give you the opportunity to set up a dedicated IP — from there you’ll also be able to integrate with firewalls and multi-cloud resources simultaneously.

Learn about Advanced plan

Learn more about advanced

Visibility & Control

Network segmentation

With NordLayer, businesses can ensure their networks are only accessible through specific IP addresses in order to guard against costly and damaging cyber threats including; malware, ransomware, and data theft.

With a dedicated IP, your IT admins can ensure that only trusted users will be authorized to enter the network to access company resources.


Access control

Network access control features such as IP allowlisting automatically deny access to the network by unknown or untrusted users.

Segment user groups

Further granulation of user permissions can also be employed to segment the company network by different user groups — ensuring staff can only access resources they really need.

Network activity

NordLayer’s intuitive Control Panel makes it easy for businesses to customize access permissions and view network and online activity

Network access security

What you get with NordLayer

Available on:
Extra layers of security
  • Multi-factor authentication (2FA)
  • AES-256 bit encryption for ultimate security
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) for convenience
Adaptable administration tools
  • Dedicated servers and dedicated IPs
  • Private gateways to set appropriate access for different teams
  • Centrally implement features company-wide
  • Control panel with license transferability, centralized settings & billing
Tech-minded support
  • 24/7 account management from tech-savvy support staff
  • Average response times under a minute
  • NordLayer Help Centre offering step-by-step instructions / troubleshooting
Fully integratable solutions
  • Works with your existing cloud applications — G suite, Salesforce, Shopify, AWS, Docusign
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Get network access control with a Dedicated IP

Additional info

Frequently asked questions

Just one dedicated IP provided by NordLayer’s dedicated server option is enough to protect your entire company and provide secure network access to your whole workforce. You can assign the same dedicated IP address to multiple team members by adding or transferring user licenses via our centralized Control Panel.

Yes, fixed IP (or static) addresses are completely safe. A fixed IP is individual to you and your company, utilizing a dedicated server that handles your traffic only. Both shared and private IPs will keep your identity private, and both IP address types are equally safe. The main benefit of a fixed IP is that you’re able to allowlist specific IPs in order to connect to local network resources.

If you assign a fixed / static IP address to a device, then the address doesn’t change. In comparison, a shared IP will change according to the server. This does not happen with fixed / static IPs.