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5 reasons your remote team needs a cloud VPN

By NordLayer
25 Aug 2020
5 min read
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Covid-19 has caused major global disruption, affecting almost every industry on the planet. With more businesses moving online, cybercrime continues to wreak havoc across the globe. From targeted ransomware attacks to malware-infected apps and emails, digital threats to businesses are growing in frequency and scale.

Safeguarding your business during a global crisis is extremely challenging, especially now that millions are working remotely. But there are countless cyber defense tools to help you out. A great way to fortify your network against cybersecurity threats is to use an advanced cloud VPN solution. But how does it work, exactly? And what is a cloud VPN to begin with?

Let’s take a deeper look at one of the most vital cybersecurity tools right now—a cloud VPN for business.

What is a cloud VPN?

A cloud VPN, or a cloud-based virtual private network, is an advanced network security solution that offers an easy way for businesses to ensure network security. Beyond that, a remote access cloud VPN lets businesses build secure remote offices for their employees. Once connected, your team can safely access on-premise and cloud resources from anywhere, anytime—with reliable data protection.

To establish a secure connection, cloud VPNs reroute your employees’ online traffic through a remote VPN server, encrypting their connection in the process. The encryption scrambles data so that only those with permission can see it. To anyone else, the encrypted data traffic appears like complete gibberish.

Modern cloud security solutions like NordLayer are built to support today’s hybrid network infrastructures and a globally dispersed workforce. With secure access to sensitive company data, your team can reap the benefits of remote work no matter where they’re based.

Highly scalable and easy to integrate, cloud VPNs offer a much more flexible and efficient way for companies to secure their remote teams and critical business assets. So, what are some of the key reasons your business needs a cloud VPN?

What does a remote access cloud VPN provide?

1. Secure remote access

With a cloud-based remote access VPN, your team can securely tap into your company’s intranet and reach corporate resources remotely, whether they’re hosted locally or in the cloud. A remote access cloud VPN enables your employees to work safely from any device connected to home or public Wi-Fi networks.

The easiest way to set up a secure remote connection to your private network is to have your employees use a dedicated and static IP address. NordLayer, for example, enables you to purchase dedicated servers with a static IP. Providing your team with one static—or ‘fixed’—company-wide IP address can help you filter out unauthorized access and achieve segmentation. 

Once you have dedicated servers and a static IP, you can easily allowlist the IP on your cloud or firewall and open up a whole new world of digital convenience. 

With NordLayer, you can create custom gateways dedicated to specific teams or company branches, and easily manage permissions to sensitive business data. Choose from 20+ virtual server locations and ensure web security with powerful AES 256-bit encryption.

2. Network security

If your employees are working from home, they might not have the same digital protection as they do in the office. Home and public Wi-Fi networks are much more vulnerable to cyber exploitation. A cloud VPN secures your team’s internet connection by encrypting their online traffic. That way, your team can share sensitive information securely from anywhere and on any device.

Worried that your coworkers might forget to turn on the app? With NordLayer, you can enable auto-connect, and we’ll secure your employees’ devices automatically. If your connection breaks off for even a second, our Kill Switch feature will cut all internet traffic on your team’s devices, making sure that none of your internal business data gets exposed. Beyond that, two-factor authentication can be enforced by the admin to create an extra layer of security on every endpoint device.

3. Endpoint protection

The unprecedented rise in remote work and BYOD means that there are more unsecured pathways for cybercriminals to exploit. Many of your employees are now accessing internal company resources from outdated or unpatched personal devices, increasing the risk of data breaches and credential theft.

A cloud VPN for business can protect multiple endpoints with different operating systems. NordLayer works on every major platform, enabling your remote team to instantly access critical business data on any device.

4. Access control

We already discussed dedicated IP addresses and how vital they are to online flexibility and security. They also do a lot to ensure effective access control. 

When your coworkers connect to a secure VPN server, their IP addresses change to a fixed company IP. You can allowlist (whitelist) your organization’s IP addresses exclusively, so only employees with verified IPs can access specific company resources. Anyone else trying to access your network will get blocked.

Implementing a centralized IP management system ensures better network visibility and allows you to effectively manage employee accounts. With NordLayer, you can easily control access permissions, create teams and gateways, and customize team-gateway access from one Control Panel.

IP allowlisting and custom gateway creation gives you advanced access control and segmentation—allowing your employees to easily access intranets and clouds without constant verification. This way, you can easily monitor your network connectivity, while your team can enjoy a seamless remote work experience.

5. International online access

A remote access cloud VPN isn’t just about digital security. It can also give your business a strong competitive advantage. Cloud-based VPN solutions offer access to a heap of virtual servers in different locations across the globe. All your employees need to do is to pick a country from the server list, and they’ll be able to access foreign content as if they were a local.

NordLayer offers access to servers in 33 countries. With our global server infrastructure, you can bypass geo-restrictions and gain online flexibility wherever you are—all while keeping your private data secure.

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